Unit 10 - Exercise 1 - The passive (present and past simple) Complete the sentences with the present or past simple passive of the verb in brackets. Use contractions where possible. How many newspapers (print) in Britain every day?score Who (this play / write) by?score German (speak) in Germany, Austria, and part of Switzerland.score The royal wedding (watch) by millions of people in 2011.score Nowadays, a lot of computers (make) in Korea.score The Harry Potter films (not direct) by Steven Spielberg.score How much (paper / recycle) in Poland each year?score In the UK, alcohol (not sell)to anyone under 18. It\'s against the law.score
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1)printed,2)write,3)spoke,4)watched,5)maked,6)не знаю,7)не знаю,8)didn’t sell

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