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fidanaabdrkhmn 2 года назад
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1) The first and the most important magnet of Uzbekistan are the local people, who are passionate about their country, culture and future.

2) Everywhere you will see various mosaics: golden,ceramics or wooden based.

3) There are a workshops available where you can learn and do it yourself.

4) There a variety of things you can take back to your home country with this mosaic: Christmas decorations, earrings, postcards, cups and etc.It is my terminology to call Uzbek hospitality as Sumalak Hospitality which means sacramental, very traditional and so touching.

5) I love Sumalak which has place in Kyrgyz culture as well. And I found here a lot of similarity with my own culture.

6) It became an issue for last year in my city, therefore I noticed a clean air in Uzbekistan.

7) The reason is that in the cities people use natural gas as fuel.

8) I didn’t see any trash anywhere. May be I’ve been only in touristic places.

9) However, I think it is a great accomplishment of the Uzbek government who cares about it.

10) That was unforgettable memory and feeling that I need to discover more in this beautiful country.

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