If you wish, you can assign some or all of the
corresponding activities from the Activity Book for
homework. If this is the case, make sure you explain
them first in class.
nal information
ntiation - how do you plan to
Assessment - how are you
re support? How do you plan to planning to check learners\'

:Срочно нужно

тут написано что это необязательно работа. Возможно тебе задали это чтобы ты точно сделал. В таком случаи тут подготовиться к умному ответу надо

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I am writing an English exercise now.

2. I was writing an English exercise at this time


3. My little sister is sleeping now.

4 My little sister was sleeping at this time


5. My friends aren't doing their homework now.

They are playing volley ball.

6. My friends weren't doing their homework

seven o'clock yesterday. They were playing


7. She was reading the whole evening


8. She isn't reading now.

9. Now she is going to school.

10. What you are you doing now? I am drinking


11. Were you drinking tea at this time yesterday?

- No, I wasn't drinking tea at this time yesterday,

I was eating a banana.

12. My sister is fond of reading. She was

reading the whole evening yesterday, and now

she 70 is reading again.

13. Look! My cat is playing with a ball.

14. When I went out into the garden, the sun

was shining and birds were singing in the trees.

15. Are you eating ice cream now?

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