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12.At the time I was twenty-one I had been studying English for three years.

13.I woke up to find that water had poured through the bedroom ceiling.

14.The police paid no attention to Claire's complaint because she had phoned them so many times before.

15. After we drank our coffee, she hurried off home.

16 When we got to the airport we heard, that they had cancelled all the flights.

17.As soon as I spoke to the customer, I realized there had been a misunderstanding.

18. When I returned to the office after lunch, my secretary told me, that somebody had phoned when I was out.

19.The concert began at 7 p.m. and lasted for two hours. Everyone enjoyed it very much.

20.When the consultant finally arrived, everyone was rather annoyed with him as he was late and we had been waiting for a very long time.

21.Pollyanna confessed, that she had made an error and apologized.  

22.The chairman's main fault was that he constantly cut the speakers short before they finished.

23. When I saw Nick last week, he said he had stopped smoking. But when I saw him two days later, he smokeed a cigarette. He looked rather ashamed.

24.The walkers finally arrived at their destination. They walked all day, and they certainly needed a rest. They had walked thirty miles.

25.When Tina arrived at Steve's place, he was lying on the sofa reading a detective novel. He nought it at the bookseller's, and he had read for most of the afternoon.


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