Open the brackets, using the verbs in one of these tenses: present, past, future simple; present, past continuous, future continuous.
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1. Where does your brother work? - He works at an institute.

2. Were your grandmother sleeping when you came home yesterday?

3. What your brother will do tomorrow?

4 .You will be sitting on the train at this time tomorrow.

5. I didn't go to the shop yesterday. I will go to the shop tomorrow.

6. Where Kate was going when you met her yesterday?

7. Look at this children: they are skating very well.

8. Next Sunday, the Prime Minister is celebrating ten years in power.

9. Did you skate last Sunday? Yes, we were skating the whole day last Sunday. We will skate again next Sunday.

10. He skates every Sunday.

11.What are you doing now? - I'm washing the dishes.

12. What were you doing at three o'clock yesterday? I was having dinner.

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