50 баллов без г д з можно?​
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Manager:Good afternoon,restaurant "Mirage",how can I help you?

Customer:Good afternoon,miss, we would like to book a table for about 10-12 people in the evening.

Manager:Sure, there is a table available at 7 o'clock.Is it alright?

Customer:Yes, it is great.Do you play loud music at your restaurant?

Manager:No, sir, only at the weekends.Why do you ask?Is there a special occasion and you do not want to be interupted?

Customer:Yes, it's our father's birthday and we would like it to be perfect.

Manager:Congratulations.We offer cakes for birthdays.Would you like to order one for the evening?

Customer:That would be great.There will be a lot of people, so we would like a big cake with vanilla flavour.Is that possible?

Manager:Sure, we will ask our cook to make it special for you dad.

Customer:Thank you so much.

Manager:No worries,sir,see you in the evening.


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