Помогите пожалуйста сделать дз по английскому
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Ex 3

1) She thinks the lesson is boring.

2) She is afraid of the ghost train.

3) He thinks maths is confusing.

4) The music is relaxing.

5) She was emberrased that she wore her slippers for school.

6) He is interested in the lesson.

7) The letter is surprising.

8) He is tired from the race.

Ex 4

depressing - very sad

disgusting - horrible, very bad

exhausting - very tiring

worrying - making you unhappy...

terrifying - very frightening

amazing - very good or surprising

Ex 5







Ex 6

1) Yuck! I think eating insects is disgusting.

2) I haven't slep for two nights. I'm exhausted.

3) The programme is very depressing.

4) Now she's thinking about her exams and she's very worried about them.

5) I'm really afraid of high places so the idea of going up that mountain is terrifying.

6) John was amazed when he passed the exam. He didn't study at all.

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