Write a letter to your friend about Hayt. Напишите письмо своему другу о Хайите.Пж помогите кто сделает сделаю лучшим ответом​
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Hi, Artem.

Sorry for not writing for so long, but I was on holidays and didn`t have a chance to surf the Net. But my holidays were amazing and I`m going to tell you about it.

I spent my vacation on the amazingly chic beaches of Haiti. You can't even imagine how cool it is! I drank cocktails, swam in the sea. But, of course, I didn’t forget about my work either. And you must admit that sitting with a laptop on the beach is much more pleasant than in the office. In general, if I were you, I would definitely go there too. What do you think of this idea?

I`m looking forward to hearing from your soon.

Best wishes,


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