СРОЧНО!!!Сделайте сочинение на Английском языке на тему плюсы и минусы онлайн чатов​
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The Internet is the source of the latest news, as there are hundreds and thousands of news sites and services that inform you about every event. Most people claim that spending a lot of time on the Internet is bad, leading to obesity in the younger generation. In today's world, some people also say that the Internet is not necessary for life, and life would be easier without it. Hackers now make it very easy to decrypt someone's chats or emails and retrieve someone's data. If someone manages to get your personal information or email address, they may harass you in chats, online messages, and emails. But through online chats we can find good friends and communicate on various topics. After all, there are many advantages and disadvantages to the Internet, but the benefits of the Internet are so great that we can simply give it up. The Internet makes life easier, but we must not forget the threats it can pose.

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