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1.The letter will arrive in time if you send it today.

2.I have already cooked supper.

3.The cake was bought yesterday.

4.Somebody is crying .

5. Best TV sets are made in Japan.

6. Jim, how long have you been playing this computer game?

1. She asked him why he was listening to the radio.

2. John said that he hadn't been to the Italy before.

3. Sam asked his sister if she could help him with his homework that day.

4.Nick said to his mother that he didn't want to go to the country and that he wanted to go to his friend's birthday party.

5.She wanted to know if she could open the window .

6 . The teacher said that Mars is the planet in the Solar system.

1. Lost


3. written


5. built

1.I saw him talk to Kate a few minutes ago.

2. Parents always want their children to be the best

3.I would like to be given such valuable presents.

4.I noticed him writing something and passing it to Alice.

5. She watched the stars sparkling in the dark sky.

6. I didn't expect him to behave in such a way.

7. I heard him working in his study at night.

8.They expected him to buy a more expensive car.

1. I'm not allowed to watch Tv after 22.00

2. You should go to the dentist.

3.The dog will be fed in the evening.

4. Cricket is played in London.

5.If we can grow a tree, we will eat oranges.

6.He will have to take the exam.

7.I have never seen the sun come up.

8. I want her to help me around the house.

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