Нужно подобрать подходящий глагол.
Помогите пожалуйста!!!​
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Foxynashka 1 год назад
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Ответ: 1) goes 2) Does she visit 3) is playing 4) Are you playing 5) do 6) doesn't like 7) are watching 8) aren't fighting 9) is listening 10) Does your father work 11) play 12) isn't learning 13) drives 14) do they get up 15) is cooking 16) don't take 17) helps 18) do they live 19) am brushing 20) isn't running

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Mary usually goes to school by bus.

Listen! John is playing the violin. ("Is" because it's "he", "playing" because he's doing it right now.)

I always do my homework after school.

They are watching television at the moment. ("Are" because it's "they", "watching" because they're doing it right now.)

My sister is listening to music now.

We play football on Sundays. (What do we do on Sundays? We play football.)

Uncle Tom often drives his car. (You could also say "Uncle Tom is driving his car often.")

Where is Mum? She is cooking in the kitchen.

Emma sometimes helps her Mum with the housework. (What does she do? She helps her Mum.)

I am brushing my teeth now. ("Am" because it's "I", "brushing" because I'm doing it right now.)

Does she visit her grandma every Saturday?

Are you playing computer games right now?

My brother doesn't like  geography.

We aren't fighting at the moment.

Does your father work in a factory?

She isn't learning English at the moment.

What time do they get up? (Could also be "At what time do they plan on getting up?", but there's too little context to go off of.)

I don't take the dog for a walk every day. (The person either stating that they don't take their dog out as it was a fact, or they could be refusing to take their dog on walks every day. Like so: "I am not taking my dog for a walk every day!" (я не делаю vs я не буду делать).)

Where do they live? In a house or a flat?

Bill isn't running now.

  • Are -- you, we, they.
  • Is -- he, she, it.
  • Am -- I.
  • Do -- I, you, we, they.
  • Does -- he, she, it.

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